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Posted by mathew on October 2, 2014
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Meet Matthew Raanan:

Matthew Raanan’s parents are Jewish – Iranian (Persian) Immigrants, forced to flee from their native Iran by the brutal purges which followed the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The family had been respected and successful members of that society for some 2,400 years, yet they were uprooted, comparatively “overnight” by the social upheaval of those chaotic days. One should never think of them as refugees, though. They are productive and successful citizens, immigrants in the best sense of the term. Although their plight seems tragic, it actually proved to be a great blessing. Matthew was born in 1986, in Beverly Hills, CA. He grew up on the Wilshire Corridor, sometimes described as one of the most desirable residential communities on earth. He is a graduate of Beverly Hills High School, and of UCLA.

From childhood, Matthew’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and firm moral principles. While other children were seeking new forms of amusement, Matthew was already laying the foundations on which he would build a successful business career. His father invested in real estate, and Matthew assisted with supervision and maintenance of the family’s properties. One of them, a sixteen unit apartment complex, is located next to UCLA.

The family’s apartment venture provided many of Matthew’s early experiences in the real estate market. For several years, even while enrolled in UCLA, Matthew has managed those apartments. He has seen them largely vacated every spring, as the school year ends. He knows the importance of keeping them occupied. He’s fully aware that empty apartments cost, rather than pay! He learned how to effectively reach the right potential customers, and to market the apartments to maximum advantage. This experience has also enabled Raanan to become an astute judge of character. He knows how to screen out the deadbeats without being offensive, and to keep the occupancy rate high. It was more than just a job, though. Matthew says that he still feels a thrill when a new lease is signed.

Matthew has always been highly competitive, earning gold medals in California state competitions from ages 12 through 17 in Swimming, Soccer, and Taekwondo. A highly aggressive/competitive spirit has always characterized Matthew’s endeavors. Even from early youth, being Number One has been his motivating priority.

As a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Matthew participated in fund raising, and helped to cook and deliver food to underserved communities. He was involved in programs such as Project Angel Food and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. As a result of those efforts, Matthew received (2003) a prestigious Presidential Award for Community Service.

While he was a member of Phi Theta Kappa fraternity, Raanan participated in several social awareness and fundraising projects. Of those events, one which was most dear to his heart was The Revlon Walk for Women With Cancer. It was particularly meaningful to Matthew because several of his own family members have been afflicted with this dread disease.

Matthew was also active in his faith community. He has been responsible for planning and coordinating several religious gatherings for the JEM Center Synagogue, including the Holocaust Memorial, Hanukkah, and Sukkot.

Studying martial arts under the auspices of Sunrise Tai Kwon Do, Raanan achieved a black belt rating. In addition to its value in providing physical and mental outlets and a strong sense of personal achievement, Tai Kwon Do was also instrumental in developing in him a powerful sense of personal integrity, great patience and self control.

During his college years, Matthew was active in Student Government. He also served as Commissioner of the Inter Club Council. It was his responsibility to assemble student led organizations and to encourage students to become more involved with school activities. In pursuit of these goals, Raanan designed and implemented a public relations plan which involved the dissemination of key messages on behalf of the student government, utilizing newspaper advertisements, newsletters, and flyers. Having gained the attention of his target audience, he was then able to inform them of specific programs, and to assist them in organizing and publicizing their own events.

Because of Matthew’s ability to understand and communicate well with people of diverse backgrounds, he was able to convince students that the activities were worthwhile. This enabled him to effectively promote increased participation in such events. Through effective listening and communicating, he was able to efficiently coordinate and publicize school events, becoming a potent liaison between students, faculty, and staff.

From early youth, he was a dynamic participant in swimming meets. He competed brilliantly in a range of such venues, including Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation and BAMAA. In high school, he swam with the Beverly Hills High School’s Varsity Swim Team, winning several top level awards.

Matthew has long enjoyed soccer, and has served as captain of four teams. He currently serves as captain of his Adult Soccer League team. The club has won numerous competitions, including The Strawberry Cup andThe Irvine Cup. His preferred position is Left Forward.

Matthew is an active and energetic leader. His priorities include academic achievement and strong involvement, both in family and in community. Through his varied experiences, he has benefited from many opportunities to mingle with and learn from a broad spectrum of cultural groups. These contacts have ranged from needy and underserved communities to the Movers and Shakers of society. He is well fitted to understand and influence the communities in which he works.

Upon graduation from high school, Matthew ventured into his first entrepreneurial endeavor. In 2004, he founded Wireless World, a telecommunications business specializing in the distribution of Wireless Service and Cellular Phone Accessories. From humble beginnings, his company quickly matured, having 5 stores distributed throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Within a year of its founding, Wireless World had achieved the highest sales of any AT&T distributor in Southern California.

After his graduation from UCLA in 2008, he pursued the Wireless World venture with increased vigor. His experience with diverse business sites taught Matthew to correctly evaluate the potential of various retail locations. The company continues to prosper, with sales kiosks in high end shopping malls, such as Hollywood Highland and 3rd Street Promenade.

Having mastered the art of retail sales, Matthew ventured into online marketing. He founded, partnering with such carriers as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Utilizing the developing art of SEO marketing, Matthew created a new type of shopping experience for the wireless industry. Besides the advantages which accompanied his mastery of SEO techniques, his company offered substantial discounts. As a result, CellEasy grew quickly, achieving the remarkable distinction of becoming the nation’s 4th highest seller in their market niche. It is estimated that one of every six new cellular phones sold on line during Matthew’s tenure was purchased from CellEasy or from one of their affiliated sites.

Eventually, Matthew sold the company to focus on his true passion: Real Estate.

Mr. Raanan has always had a passion for architectural design. When time allowed, he often enjoyed touring homes, so a career as an architect seemed interesting to him — but Matthew had found his greatest challenge and talent in sales. After investigating the possibilities of studying architecture, he looked for a way to combine his interest in architecture with his natural talent for selling. Suddenly, it all made sense! His years of working in his father’s real estate ventures had already provided substantial relevant experience. Lessons learned in locating his Wireless World sites contributed, as well. Clearly, a career in real estate sales is the perfect choice for Matthew Raanan. His attention to details and his passion for customer service — which were honed to perfection through his retail experience — have proven to be great assets in dealing with the complexities of real estate marketing.

Predictably, a man of Matthew Raanan’s competitive nature would choose carefully when seeking a long term relationship in such a field. It seems completely logical — the culmination of what is clearly a natural progression — that Matthew chose Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, the nation’s premier residential real estate company, to be his new professional home base!

His assigned territory is West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Aire, and The Valley. He knows that territory well, since it is exactly where he has lived his entire life!

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