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BIOGRAPHY – Matthew Raanan Real Estate

Upon graduation from high school, Matthew ventured into his first entrepreneurial endeavor founding Wireless World, a telecommunications business specializing in the distribution of Wireless Services and Cellular Phone Accessories. From a humble beginning, this company quickly matured, having 10 stores distributed throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Within a year of its founding, Wireless World had achieved the highest monthly sales in several months, of any AT&T distributor in Southern California.

Matthew’s experience in real estate began at an early age when he assisted with supervision and maintenance of the family’s properties; one of them a sixteen unit apartment complex, located next to UCLA where he attended college. He is a 2008 graduate of UCLA. His experience with diverse business sites taught Matthew to correctly evaluate the potential of various retail locations. Matthew was able to secure leases in high end shopping malls, such as Hollywood Highland the Grove and 3rd Street Promenade, American, Century city.

Matthew founded, working with such carriers as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile as franchisee. Utilizing the developing art of SEO marketing and his team of marketing professionals, grew quickly, achieving the remarkable distinction of becoming the nation’s fourth highest seller in their market niche. It is estimated that one of every six new cellular phones sold on line during Matthew’s tenure was purchased from CellEasy, or from one of their affiliated sites. Later on, and the retail stores were sold.

In 2012, Matthew founded an online advertising company to take advantage of the SEO techniques and methods he created and the market need of doctors and lawyers, to help them get high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. He is also an expert in PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, and so forth. He has the knowledge and experience of making any company well-known and seen anywhere around the world.

Matthew now looks to combines his extensive experience in diverse industries to drive the growth of Costco Dental to a greater height. He currently has 45 employees who work for him. These employees are located all over the world.заказать посудуfx Withdrawable Deposit Bonusустановка половой доскиkl besthomes for sale in southern floridaведьмак скачатьno1options bonusутепление свайногоenglish french translation

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    Matthew Raanan is quickly becoming one of the most successful professionals in the Southern California Real Estate Market. His association with Raanan Realty Brokerage provides your guarantee that he can access the very best resources on your behalf.

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